Anura Maha Vidyalaya is started on 14th May 1955 by the Chief Incumbent of Maha Manthinda Pirivena, High priest of Southern Province, the most venerable Getamanne Dhammakiththi Thero with the purpose of providing a proper education to the voiceless and helpless village students who are deprived of the opportunities to attend a leading school in Matara.

Anura Maha Vidyalaya was approved as an unassisted private school on 01st July 1956. After several years it was approved as a government assisted non fee levying private school on 01.01.1994.

It was with great difficulty the school was conducted paying the salaries of the teachers by the Chief Incumbent of Maha Manthinda Pirivena, High Priest of Southern Province the most venerable Gatemanne Dhammakiththi Thero until the year 1990. The matter salaries for the teachers could be settled down as a result of several requests made to the Ministry of Education as well as southern provincial council in 1990 for salaries of the teachers.

The first director of Anura Maha Vidyalaya was Mr. Berty Munasinghe who did a commendable service under the supervision and management of the Chief Incumbent of Maha Manthinda , High Priest of Southern Province, the most venerable Getamanne Dhammakiththi Thero.
Vision   The Principals

Conducting a special education that could fulfill the desires, goals and expectations allowing the step into the modern scientific and technological world making use of the English Language meaningfully.


Present Situation of the school

At Present students are able to follow all the streams Science, Arts, Commerce and aesthetic, etc.


Ven. Paramulle Hemasiri Thero

1976 - 1977

Ven. Mawita Premarathna Thero 1977 - 1980
Miss Padma Geeganage 1980 - 1981
Miss Indrayapa Dahanayaka 1981 - 1983
Mrs. D.M.S. Yapa 1983 - 1989
Mrs. Sepalika Ranaweera 1989 - 1990
Mrs. Malkanthi Nanayakkara 1990 - 1991
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